The following are restaurant business plans I've written for past clients. Note that names and pertinent information has been changed for client privacy. Click to view in a new window.



SAMPLE 1 - New American Modernist Cuisine Restaurant

This plan was for a start-up Modern American Cuisine Restaurant to be based in East Village of Manhattan. The restaurant's chef used this plan to successfully solidify $500,000 in investment.



SAMPLE 2 - Mexican Restaurant

This plan is was for a Santa Ana-based Mexican Restaurant who's owner wanted to open a second location. Plan was used to solidify a $200,000 SBA business loan.




SAMPLE 3 - Mexican Restaurant

This plan is based on a Mexican restaurant business where the client was seeking to open a second location. The plan was used to successfully landed $1 million in investor funding.



SAMPLE 4 - Mongolian Restaurant

This plan is based on a Vancouver-based specialty Mongolian restaurant for BC PNP requiring $575,000 in start-up costs. Note that company name, financials and other pertinent information has been modified for client privacy and protection. (Any similarities with actual companies are purely coincidental.)


Sample 5 - Health Bar

Expansion of a popular health bar chain (name changed for client privacy), to successfully open a new branch in the Vancouver area. Client successfully gained $225,000 in needed funding.